Friday, June 10, 2011

Something I wrote for my two little women...

So, we, as women, have proved the ages wrong.

We are inventors, writers, advocates, doctors, lawyers, CEO’s, and astronauts.

We are professors, scientists, government officials, journalists, and soldiers.

We can be a mother and world-class marathoner.

We deserve all of this, because we are women.

No man can argue our value or equality.

We can decide what we want for our bodies.

We can terminate life labeled "inconveniences".

We can fill our chests with silicone.

We have the freedom to express our sexuality regardless of offense.

Because this is America,

Land of the free,

Don’t tread on me.

Yet, we are left…

more addicted,



and confused than any generation before us.

We are filled with questions that leave us restless.

All of the longed for power has left us


powerless in our homes,

powerless in our relationships,

powerless in our souls.

How can this be?

We have accomplished everything we have ever wanted.

That’s what freedom means, right?

If God would stay out of it than we could keep going at this wreck less rate.

But He won’t.

And no matter how intent we are on denying Him,

Or even retro-fitting Him into our lifestyle choices,

He is still God.

The very inventor of woman.

And He created her, above all else, with a need for Him.

She cannot be satisfied until she finds peace with God.

Long before marches and activists,

God liberated woman.

The kind of freedom we long for is, ironically, found in surrender.

Find a satisfied woman and you have found a woman who has submitted her will to God.

She has yielded to the ravages of time and age,

She has acknowledged her own shortcomings and weakness,

She is beauty and completeness;

the woman who finds her liberation in Christ alone.


  1. So powerful Jenn...we as women have been fed a horrible enormous lie and the only truth is God alone, yet the world tells us even He is a lie. We must be a constant, careful example to the "little women" in our lives of His love and His truth so that they will realize it for themselves. I love you my "little woman".

  2. This is awesome. I love it and appreciate it:)