Friday, March 25, 2011

"You can tame a tiger~but you cannot tame the tongue."

"I hate my big mouth! Why can't I just be quiet like all the other girls?" she said through tears while running upstairs to her room.

I had to correct her for bragging about her new hot pink flats (adorned with rhinestones on the toe) to her brother who did not have anything new waiting for him when he came home from school yesterday.

I decided to leave her alone for a bit until she was ready to talk.

Eventually she came faced & tear stained.

"I'm not upset about you taking my shoes away mom, I'm mad at myself. I just blurt out whatever is on mind. I don't think I'll ever change."

I silently reach for her bible and open it to James chapter three verses one through twelve.

After she is finished reading I ask her what it says to her heart.

"It's impossible to tame the tongue. Words hurt for a longtime, like a forest fire."

And I remind her that we are all out of control if we do not daily surrender to the power of the Holy Spirit working though our lives. I tell her that God wants to turn our weakness into His greatest strength.

It wasn't preachy...just one of those teachable moments.

It's easy to become discouraged over our children's faults. We expect them to behave perfectly at all times and then blame ourselves when they don't.

The fact is they are sinful people just like us. They can only find true peace through the cross of Christ.

We cannot be their victory.

Only Jesus.


  1. So awesome. I just can't imagine raising kids without Christ! I love those teachable moments... especially when they get them:)

  2. Thank you, Jenn, for exercising your spiritual muscles! I opened James 3 and notes written from previous teaching - "Blessed are the meek - strength under control", and "soft answers turn away wrath". I, too, have the issue with speaking before thinking, so this was a valuable reminder for this 62 year old kid! Praise God for this teachable moment, and thank you Lord for the precious heart in Abby to receive this teaching.
    Love you honey - Nana Mom

  3. O' how I love this girl!!! I realize that she must learn to control what she says, as we all do, but the shear exuberance of her in life is some day going to be a mighty gift for the Lord. Her compassion and wisdom for her age is a remarkable gift and I know she will be used of the Lord in the future. Even through this teachable moment that you and she had Jenn I have learned. A precious gift to this Gramma is she and she puts a smile on my face whenever I think of her. I am blessed to have her as a granddaughter and very blessed to have such a wise and wonderful daughter. Love Mom/Gramma