Monday, March 21, 2011

Choosing Love

I couldn't tell you the exact day that I fell in love with Aaron.

Just over a month of dating he asked me to be his wife.

We were 20 & 22.

Married one year later.

Football for a job.

Had our first girl just after our two year anniversary.


17 months later had our son.

Moved around.

Settled in Oregon.

Blessed with a new career.

Renovated a cottage.

Had another little girl.

Made memories with family and friends to last a lifetime.

Said goodbye to our dreams and accepted God's plan.

Moved to Massachusetts.

Walked through dark valley's.

Still holding hands.

And I realize neither of us really "fell in love".

This wasn't an accident.

We knew what we were doing.

And we've been "choosing" love ever since.


  1. great perspective friend-that is exactly how it went! :)

  2. Amen Jenn! Sean and I truly believe in choosing love. When you fall in love you can fall right out. Our 11 year anniversary is tomorrow. :) Happy Anniversary to you friend!

  3. well said, friend.

    love from all of us.

  4. "Dancin' in the mine fields"....Dad and I chose dancin' those fields...almost 26 years ago and wouldn't change a thing:-) Love you