Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Music House

There is not a day that our home isn't filled with music. Of course Aaron and I love to sing and play our guitars. We have both often wondered what each of the kids would find as their own musical outlet. So far it looks to us like Abby Sue is our violinist. She started lessons this year and loves it to say the least. She has quickly learned notes, songs, and loves to practice. Ben has loved the piano for a long time and we noticed his ear for notes when he figured out songs on the keyboard. We decided that we needed to get a piano & found a perfect little spinet in a town nearby on craig's list. It is coming to tomorrow! So, Ben and mommy can't wait to get their fingers on it. Ben starts lessons in December. We have noticed that Zibby is more than likely our most naturally gifted child when it comes to all things musical. She sings like a little songbird, dances like an angel, and has a true interest in piano, guitar, and violin. Maybe we can be like the Von Trapp Family one day! I feel so blessed to have all this music in our home. It's what I always dreamed of.

found this photo of Abby Sue...this was when she was almost 2 and we lived in Florida!

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  1. WOW...I thought that was Zibby for sure(or my Claire).

    See you soon, friend.