Thursday, April 14, 2016

an eight year old perspective

Tolerant kitty cats understand how much you love babies and don't mind if you zip them up inside  your jacket so that you can pretend to be pregnant.
 The term "stuffed animals" is for grown ups. Eight year olds understand that these cuddly friends have feelings and come alive when you are away at school. Therefore, celebrating a favorite teddy bear's birthday is reason enough for a tea party. 
 We see here an eight year old girl in the evening light...what we can't see are her translucent fairy wings folded neatly across her back as she collects magic petals to take back to her pixie world. 
 When you are eight years old, a field trip to Shellburg Falls is really more like an Everest expedition. You and your class are journalists for National Geographic and your work will be world renowned. 
When you are eight all you need is an old fashioned dress to transform your world into the Secret Garden of Mary Lennox. 

 When you are eight years of age, piano recitals fill you the brim with butterflies, but you know how to let those fluttery things loose so that your tiny fingers fly across the daunting keys with beauty and ease....
 and you smile really big when your mission is accomplished. 
 When you are eight years old, you pretend to be Cinderella and then folding the laundry is fun.
 When you are eight years old you don't feel bad about how you spend your time.
 Multitasking at eight years old means you get to help with the burn pile and roast a sausage for lunch while you're at it. 

 When you are eight you love Oregon State, almost as much as your daddy...
and you love flowers just as much as your mama. 

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  1. Oh I love her so much and I love this peek into her wonderful 8 year old world!