Tuesday, October 14, 2014

This boy

When Ben came down with bacterial pneumonia a couple of weeks ago I was worried. It was overwhemling to see him so sick and struggling just to breath. After a trip to urgent care, a much needed breathing treatment, and antibiotics (oh, he had a nasty ear infection too), mommy knew that this boy would be staying home from school for a while...almost a week to be exact. 

While recuperating Ben was such a comfort and a joy to my heart...still heavy from our loss.

When he started feeling well enough to be up and about, he made me breakfast, cuddled with me on the couch, and even designed a custom made Jane Eyre lego set, just for me.  Seriously. 

I'm so grateful when God provides time for us to spend with our kids individually...not that I want them to be getting sick like this again any time soon! 

I love you Benji.
Thank you for being such an amazing person.
I see you on the edge of change,
and I'm excited for the man that you will one day become,
but for now I'm treasuring these twilight days of childhood. 
You are a gift.

Hurray for Urgent Care!

Still not too big for cuddles

Always has loved to cook

My Jane Eyre Lego set...Mr. Rochester's face actually is two sided...the other side is covered in scars of course.

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  1. Sean and I love the movie Jane Erye. Lydia is reading the book right now. I will have to show her Ben's design. Sure love you guys. Glad Ben is doing better. Love you so much Jen. Hugs.