Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Church family friends of ours said goodbye to their baby yesterday...and once again I'm heavy hearted. If I have all these questions, I cannot imagine their own. I can only pray and write. The comfort of words and music won't make everything better...but maybe it helps us, even just a little.

What kind of God would give the breath of life,
only to take it back again?

What kind of God stays seated on His throne,
while my heart breaks?

Are You aware?
Do you still care?

You stand to welcome babies home,
You sit back down,
and I'm alone.

Sunday School and Church and Hymns,
can't touch me now,
I'm a stone.

So, with what little faith I have I'm crying out to You. 
With what little hope I have, I say Your Name.
And with what little Truth I know, I see You coming close enough
to wear this world,
to know this pain.

With the pieces of my heart I'm holding out to You,
parts of question,
parts of doubt,
and most part fear,

Would You roll away the stone, 
and let me see some Hope,
Oh let me see the Way out of this grave,

The Way You made,
to be
Alive Again. 

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