Monday, July 25, 2011

Vermont again... favorite.
Who are these two big kids?

I love the way Daddy is gripping onto his baby girl in this photo.
Hey...we were just here last year right? But these big kids could not be ours???
Abby Sue at Ben & Jerry's...her heaven on earth. (love that she still has those dimples!)
Lottie...usually soaked from swimming in rivers and lakes and anything in-between.
Repeat photo op from last summer...but this boy is so much bigger!
This is the beautiful lake at our campground. Best swimming and lovely.
Sipping on some home-made root beer at the Burlington farmers market.
Blue-Grass in the park.
My latest camping creation...made out of some very unhealthy but delicious ingredients. (pillsbury biscuits, instant oatmeal, butter, and maple syrup)
This is a house on the way up to our campground that I love. I finally asked the (very-kind) owners if we could take a photo of it. Everything about it is my favorite.

We took the kids camping in Vermont again this summer. We visited the same campground, (Little River), that we were at last year. Every time we visit Vermont we say the same thing, "Isn't it peaceful here. Doesn't it feel a little like home?" I think that's why we keep going back. The people are friendly and relaxed. The countryside is open and layered in almost every shade of green. Bluegrass is king and farmers markets abound. I feel myself falling back into my bohemian ways and let my kids run filthy and free. Ice Cream is an art form and coffee is cherished. People in Vermont know how to say "Oregon" and even refer to it as "Vermont on steroids". As far as I'm concerned I think the two states and their people my favorite by far.

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  1. "Vermont on steroids" I like that:-) O' and Jenn I think you should simply build that house here or make the one you buy look like that house. What do ya' think? Love you