Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"You do so much for us!"

The Chefs
My Breakfast

Abby Sue & Ben had a "Snow Day" one morning when Zibby had to go to preschool, so I let them stay home (a new adventure these days) while I drove the littlest girl to school.

When I came back I noticed a sign on the door that read, "A French Diner". I came into the house and was welcomed by the cutest of chefs and the most beautiful breakfast waiting for me on the elegantly decorated kitchen table.

"You do so much for us, we wanted to make sure you sat down and ate a healthy breakfast today."

I will say that the giant salad with radishes and chunks of carrot was a little hard to choke down that early in the morning, and the homemade juice a tad bit suspicious. Overall, I could not help but feel flooded with love for my precious Kookies.

Grace comes to mind.

I have lost my temper more than once with each of them lately. In fact my reactions have been downright ugly. Even on that morning I left them with an ear full of complaints.

To be welcomed and forgiven by them was humbling.

Side note: The kitchen was even clean!


  1. they obviously know how awesome their mommy is. what great kids you have!

  2. How precious is that?!? Totally sweet of them, radishes and all:)