Thursday, March 3, 2016

a good reason to blog

Life on the acre is always eventful.

We have been tackling a bathroom renovation, the flu, a budding flower business, violin, cello, and piano lessons....kempo, ballet, and a high school musical.
In between all of this Aaron had to work in O'ahu and because he would be away on his birthday and because I wouldn't want the birthday boy to be alone I felt the need to come along with him and let the kiddos enjoy some quality time with Nana, Papa, and Grandma.

Speaking of the kids they won't stop eating or growing. Their friends eat a lot too. In fact our favorite days are when the kids and their friends fill this place up with their craziness. But did I mention they eat a lot!

AbbySue is loving life at Silverton High School...especially theatre. She loves to spend time with her friends. She loves violin and art. She loves listening to music and going on long walks with her chubby dog. She loves her family. She loves to have a day with nothing to do but rest and read and draw. All of these years I thought she was an extrovert but I was wrong.

Ben is in that awkward in-between stage but weathering it like a champ. He is very scientific and continues to astound us with his imagination. He started playing the cello at the beginning of the year and he loves it. He still loves his legos, weapons, and books. He loves youth group on Tuesday nights and he loves listening to The Beatles in Grandma's car on the way to and from Salem on those nights. Ben told me the other day that he believes he will live in England for a little while when he grows up.

Zibby is our servant hearted girl. She lives to bless others. Her favorite way to show love is to take care of her loved ones. She is always making us waffles, or surprising us with flowers and notes, or asking us if we need anything at all. Zibby has endless energy. She is always dancing, singing, playing her piano, dressing up as a Chinese princess or Jedi in training. Zibby's prayer is that someone would bring her a baby to take care of. She also prays for a best friend. Zibby is our song.

So life is sweet and we are blessed and that's a good reason for a blog post in my opinion.

When you are too sick to do anything on Valentines Day and you've been stuck inside the house for way too long...folding your eight year old's laundry may turn into a little surprise for your man. 
I present...
"Valentine Chewbacca Aloha Heart Undies Princess" 
You're welcome honey. 

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