Thursday, June 4, 2015


Sweet Zibby,

Today you are eight. You were born right here on this hill, in our little town,  across the street from The Old House at "your hospital".

Today you said, "My favorite birthday gift is hugs and kisses from you."

You love to love.

You have a musical heart. You play your piano everyday because you want to.

This weekend you will be dancing in another recital. You love to dance out what is inside your heart.

You still love ballet and you can't wait to start tap dancing. (thank you Papa & Gramma)

You also love outside. You still love to collect rocks. You love the moon. You love making daisy chains. You love to dress up and pretend. The backyard is your very own dream world.

You love to work. You love aprons and serving.

You have a diary.

You are beginning to come out of your "shy shell".

You love your daddy. You love to sit outside on the porch together and critique pipe tobacco smells.

You love to get letters from your friend Tegan in the mail and you can't wait to meet her this summer.

You love your family so well.

You are still stubborn.

You love art.

You love books...especially The Little House series.

You are almost done with second grade and you had a hard year...but so did the rest of us.

You don't smile unless you mean it.

You are honest.

You embrace your life to the fullest and you inspire us.

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Jane!

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