Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hello Summertime

Summertime here. 

The girls have discovered a love of baking and making yummy treats together from the garden to the kitchen. 

The quiet pond down the road is the ideal spot to perfect your cast and work on patience. 

A  midday hike in the mountains can offer views of sleeping volcanos. 

Silver Creek is the place for catching crawdads and memories. 

The attic is a sea of legos. 

Giant boxes become a "town" and an unexpected education in economics. 

Daddy sets up our very own backyard swimming hole and you all grow fins. 

Summertime here also means another year to celebrate the beginning of our love sixteen sweet years ago that has grown into all of this happy. 

Summertime here is less hurry, sleeping in, reading, reading, and more reading. 

Summertime here imagination liberty...
creation becomes our teacher and our playground. 

Summertime here is falling into your beds exhausted...traces of light on the edge of the evening sky...curtains dance with gentle breeze...critter sounds sing you to sleep and dream carefree. 

Linger long light filled days you are always welcome here.  

biscuits and smiles

Our raspberry crop inspired these sisters to make "Raspberry Cordial" from my old Anne of Green Gables cookbook. Even Marilla Cuthbert would have approved. 

The Garden

The cordial

The sisters

Perfect night to catch nothing but time together

He makes my heart smile

Mt. Jefferson from Triangulation Peak

Catching memories at Silver Creek

Ben is the legomaster

Box Town

Our very own swimming hole

16 years of love 

and we celebrated here...because greasy burgers are our favorite..

well...hamburgers, beer, and sunsets to be exact. 

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  1. very precious. i heard from my boy that you are taking a little trip :D have a blessed time!