Thursday, June 4, 2015

And the first little bird spreads her wings...

"Well, today I had my last recess as a kid at Evergreen. It was weird to think about that. Kind of sad you know. I mean, I'm so ready to go be in High School...I'm really excited about the new things ahead, but today I just thought about how my friends and I have played out in the field since we were five years old and I got a little sad that this time in our lives is over now. So, today we played our old games, just for the fun of it. We said goodbye to the field. I know I'm too grown up too stay, I really am ready to move on, but I will always love my little school." ~AbbySue 8th grade 13 years old

Thank you Evergreen. 

 Her very first day at Evergreen...only four years old at Kindergarten round up

 Pie Social
and The Magic Field...
no wonder that it's hard to say goodbye

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  1. Oh Abby Sue, your sentimental friend Des is right there with you. turning the page IS exciting but goodbyes are just a little sad. So excited to watch you grow!