Tuesday, May 12, 2015

about how a Jew saved my life...

When I was about four years old I decided to jump into a river rapid.

I remember the white water and boulders.

I remember it being fast and thrilling for a moment,

until the water started to fill my nose and throat and pull me down to darkness.

And then I remember large arms and hands and legs all around me,

I remember those hands struggling to keep my face above the water and my body protected from being crushed against those unmoving river rocks.

The water was moving even faster and I was riding the river with someone else,

a someone who struggled to save my life,

a someone who took every jagged rock against his own body to protect my own.

I remember this person dragging me along with his heavy body through the water and climbing out of the rapids and rocks to shore.

I remember looking at his legs covered in blood and his burly body heaving for breath.

I had a few scratches but this someone took the brunt of it and saved my life.

I was so little but I remember bits and pieces of this like flashes of white, and black and red...

and I remember this because I can.

Because of that someone I'm alive with memories today.

That someone happened to be a Jewish rabbi friend of my mom's.

We were at the river for the day and my mom had warned me many times not to play near the rapids.

I specifically remember choosing to disobey and jump in.

How ironic.

A rabbi delivered me.

It's ironic because a Jewish physician also delivered me into this world on the day I was born,

and when I chose to put my faith in Christ, a Jewish Nazarene known as Jesus, delivered my soul from eternal death and gave me everlasting life. (John 3:16)

Because of this, I am a life that lives grateful for the Jewish people and the nation of Israel.

I believe that they are God's chosen people and their story is not yet finished.

And when I listen to testimonies like the ones shared here: http://www.imetmessiah.com...my spirit sings.

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