Monday, October 17, 2011

Totally Awesome!

Don't you love a costume party!

Ben: Mad Scientist
Zibby: Winter Belle
Abby Sue: invited to spend the night at a friends weird without her.

My beautiful friends: Janice~ Velma (love the wig!)
Helen: Mrs. Potts (her daughter was Belle and her husband was the cute!)

Aaron: Where's Waldo?
Me: 80's Girl...neon fishnet gloves included!


  1. So cute!!!! Love both posts:-) You are so fortunate to have one more New England Fall!!!! By the way tell Janice that I think she looks ADORABLE!!!!! What a great costum idea:-) Love you honey can't wait for you all to get herer. Love Mom

  2. Lorn says . "its not very hard to miss that Waldo!!" you all look great!!!

  3. Jenn, I cant believe it but you look the exact same as you did in high school, beautiful!