Friday, July 2, 2010

Wait a minute...where did my babies go?

Abby Sue (8) & Ben (7)

Abby Sue (17 months) & Ben (2 weeks)


  1. Abby Sue and Zibbs look a good amount alike as babies-minus the eye factor. Jenn, I seriously CAN NOT believe how fast it goes..... (sigh) love you friend and all your babies!

  2. I hadn't met you guys yet, love seeing those kids' younger pics! Time is passing by very very quickly. Is it time for your OR visit yet?!?! LOL Hope all is well~

  3. Where did the time go?? ..............Wasn't Abby Sue just dragging that blanket around the Church yesterday??!! I have been struggling with this myself! As my Baby just turned 11! I think I just closed my eyes! Miss you