Sunday, July 18, 2010

Camping in Vermont

A thoughtful Ben
Peace, Love, and Ice Cream!
These sisters "crack" me up!
Monkeying around in Stow.

I'm just gonna say that we had one of the best family vacations in Vermont last weekend. We swam, played, danced, cooked, and met even more new friends. (By the way, where are all these "massholes" we keep hearing about?) The kids have already gotten a letter from a friend they made at our campsite!

We toured Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory, whizzed down the mountain on alpine slides, swam in a peaceful lake every evening, watched hot air balloons fill and float over our heads as the sunset, enjoyed free apple cider popsicles, maple syrup, and long walks though the countryside. I said, it couldn't get any better. Here are some photos to prove it:)


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  2. Wait until you guys go back to that lake in October! It is going to be gorgeous with fall foliage! Tell Zibbs crack kills! She is getting so big!

  3. I know we really want to go back in the fall when my parents come out. And yes, Aaron and I were saying the same thing about the crack...but it was sooo cute! miss u too!

  4. Are you kidding me!? It sounds like some sort of fairytale! I LOVE it! I wanna take my fam on this same vacation. Love you. Thanks for sharing...

  5. So much fun!! I love the pictures. Everything is so green and beautiful!