Saturday, January 9, 2010

Turbie Towels, Wookie Cookies, & Baby Art

Nana is a professional at finding the best
inventions to improve our daily lives. She gifted us girls with the "Turbie Towel" this Christmas. They work so well that Ben had no shame in trying one out too.

Speaking of Ben, Poppa & Gramma blessed our "Little Chef" with the Star Wars Cookbook this Christmas. It was the perfect gift for a boy who loves anything food related and can't get enough Star Wars in his life. We decided to try our first recipe out the other night..."Wookie Cookies." They were out of this world.

Babies are inspiring. One of these was for the fourth child of the Kelly adorable little boy they named Brighton Zane. And the other was for a baby girl that I cannot wait to hold...little Miss Ellie June...her mommy, Hollie and I like a lot of the same things, so this one was extra fun!

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