Sunday, January 3, 2010

I resolve to...

1.) clean less.
2.) say less.
3.) kick condemnation to the curb.
4.) "can" criticism.
5.) support my man.
6.) have less to give more.
7.) serve gladly.
8.) share the gospel message.
9.) live the gospel message.
10.) embrace contentment.
oh and one more...
11.) a change of plans.


  1. Awesome. A list I need to have of my own! XO<3

  2. I have to admit that "change of plans" one has got me curious and hopeful :) I love the rest of them too.....Jenn, you are one of the mom's I know, that I aspire to be like as I enter the mom world oh so soon!!

  3. ???? Is the change of plans what I think it is???? Mama Missy

  4. I wish that I knew what is going to happen in the near future with our lives...staying or going?...but so far, only God knows....I guess I desire to resolve, to having the willingness to let go of my "plans" and let Him work them out accordingly. I have a lot of dreams for the kids and their future, in my mind that always includes Silverton...but I want to be resolved to Him changing my mind :) Any prayer is coveted :) Love you sweet friends!