Friday, September 11, 2009

Bootiful Corn!

Today I was driving back from Salem to Silverton after dropping off a meal at a friends house. Zibby was with me and was busy talking about all of the beauty around us as we drove through the countryside. Usually she spots the moon first...even on a bright sunny day, she will find that white sliver hanging in the sky...,"Ooooo, see moon mommy!" She has loved the moon for as long as we can remember. Lately she has been been excited over all of the crops growing in fields. "Ooooo mommy, punkins'!..Oh, mommy, look at doze flowers!" Today, it just cracked me up to hear her say, "Oh, mommy, dats bootiful corn! See dat bootiful corn!"
It blesses my heart to hear her enjoy God's creation, she is praising Him and His handiwork in her own little way. Then I thought how much more it must bless the heart of God when we simply exclaim with joy over beauty of His work. That is true praise.

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