Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Abby Sue's Baptism in Silver Creek

At the end of every summer our church meets together at Coolidge Park here in Silverton for a picnic lunch and baptism. I love sitting down by the pretty creek that runs through our town and watch young and old come come down to the water to be baptized. This year Abby Sue decided that she wanted to let everyone know about her decision to follow Christ and be baptized. At first Aaron and I were not sure if she was ready, but when we asked her why she wanted to be baptized we realized that she completely understood and with tears running down her cheeks insisted that "I need to be baptized today!" We couldn't quench what the Spirit of God was putting on her heart. So, this past Sunday, Abby Sue went down to the creek, and while Aaron played his guitar, my Dad (one of the Pastors at our fellowship) prayed with her and baptized her in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. It was beautiful watching her. I felt overwhelmed with joy that Aaron and I witnessed her coming "out of the water" on the day she was born and now had the blessing of watching her "come out of the water" in newness of life. Afterwards Abby Sue was unusually quiet. Never one to lack on words I wondered what she was thinking about. She shared with me later her thoughts: "Mommy, I will always remember this day, I'm born all over again. I didn't want to wear my bathing suit today. I wore my regular clothes, because this is who I am all the time, now I'm new."
Thank You dear Jesus!

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