Saturday, July 4, 2009

Summer Days

The kids have loved every moment of these long summer days...and up here in Oregon they are long! The sun begins to light up the sky a bit before 5:00am and still leaves some light in the sky after 10:00 pm. I guess you could say that we are making up for lost time.
The kids have been a challenge to keep up with. I find myself running out of energy (and patience) way before they do. Still, I can see them making some very special memories together..camping out in the backyard, picking raspberries in our generous neighbors yard, cake decorating challenge, and busy in their make believe worlds where I find myself a contented onlooker. The other day Abby Sue and Ben decided to cover Zibby with red polka dot stickers and pretend that she was deathly ill with the chicken pocks. She was happy to lay on the couch and let them nurse her back to health with "medicine" and ice packs. She kept sticking out her tongue, saying," bleh!" It was so funny.

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  1. Sounds fun but very tiring! I love the summer too... and I am envious of the raspberries!