Monday, July 13, 2009

Silver Falls State Park

My mom and I decided to take the cousins all (except for Barrett & Audrey...sniffle :( up to Silver Falls last friday. It is one of the most beautiful areas I have ever been to and it's just 20 minutes away! The park has about a dozen falls in all, but is the most famous for South Falls. The best part about this one in particular is that you can hike a trail that leads you behind the waterfall. It is wonderful. I loved watching the kids enjoy God's handiwork and gaze in awe of His creation. There are little caves everywhere, covered in moss and dripping with water that saturates the surrounding rocks. The trail winds down the side of the mountain and along side a creek, where we decided to eat lunch and catch crawdads. We sat and watched the kids climb, dig, slip and laugh in the warm sunshine. They won't be this young much longer. I will always treasure this day in my heart.

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  1. I love it! Your kids will have such awesome memories of things like that. I remember Shane and I went there when we were up for your wedding and it was beautiful! You are blessed to be near such a lovely place.