Friday, May 15, 2009

Sowing Day

So excited to get those seeds in the ground! Dreaming of sweet white corn, sugar snap peas, juicy watermelon, yummy green beans, tons of tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, and pumpkins to carve in the fall. I was amazed at the success of our first garden last summer but have to give most of the credit to Mr. Frank. He and his wife, Alma, lived in this house for over 55 years. They had a very fruitful garden in the same piece of earth that we plant ours. Thanks to them, I come out looking like I have a "green thumb". We also "inherited" many of the Franks things when we bought their sweet little old tiller, working windmill (painted with the phrase "you got the right wind baby"), rakes, shovels, etc.  It is humbling to think that I'm using the same tools Mr. Frank used for so many years. When Aaron got home he took my calloused, dirt stained hands into his and called me his "Proverbs 31 Girl".  That is a bit of a stretch, (okay, a long shot really), but I hope the garden "produces much fruit" and in the process, my heart too.

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  1. So sweet, all of it! The garden, Frank and Alma, and you. You are a Proverbs 31 girl:) I want to see a picture of the windmill! And the garden when it starts growing.