Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More than just green pancakes...


I have always loved St. Patrick's Day. Any holiday that doesn't involve buying gifts is so much more fun! When the kids were very little I started the tradition of making green pancakes with green chocolate milk for breakfast every March 17th. Last night we read about who St. Patrick really was. I think it must be the Irish in me, but this is a wonderful day to remember the example of one man who, by faith, took the light of the gospel to a nation that was spiritually in the dark. I know that Abby Sue and Ben were encouraged by St. Patrick's faith and so was I.


  1. Is that french toast or pancakes? Do you just put food coloring in it? You are too clever:) I will have to go read St. Paddy's story (a day late)!

  2. It's pancakes. I tried to make them look like shamrocks..haha! Ya, u just put the green coloring in the pancake mix..very easy! (I usually just use Krusteaz pancake mix, which makes it even simpler!) I also made smiley faces out of chocolate chips on the big kids pancakes..they loved that!